Something fishy

I love bold bright colors. They make me feel good. But I also like stark black and white. Does that contradict? I think not. It’s the boldness of it that attracts me.

Today I’m brain dead. It’s going to be one of those days where I day dream and don’t get the stuff on my list done. Ugh, that dreaded list. Each day it gets longer. But first! I wanted to share the fish bowl…


Orchid Series

I’ve just uploaded my orchid series to Etsy. There are four renditions of this piece. I think I like the black and white best.

Without the Wacom tablet and the Painter software I’d be washing brushes, hands, clothes, walls and the cat (if I still had one).  I was always a messy painter.

Not anymore! My Wacom tablet is a miracle from God, a present from Santa, a dream from a geni in a bottle. Check out this drawing.


endless photos

So far it’s taken three hours to move photos from my laptop to my iMac. When I’m done I’ll have 10,000 photos and 411 movies on my computer. Yep! It’s a lot. I think my iMac may explode. Or at least blink a few times.


Cupcake Love

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I got up and painted a cupcake. I painted more today. And now I have a series of cupcake paintings for sale in my Etsy store. I can tell you that it was a lot of fun doing this series. I may continue the series, but maybe not. Maybe I’ll go in a different food direction… perhaps tomatoes, or crackers!

In the cupcake love series I created some really cool backgrounds and dropped them in, then added the cupcake and all the sprinkles over that. All this made me hungry so I went out for sushi with Chris, Jake and Mom. Great sushi btw.

Now for the next project. Crackers? Really? I’m working on it.