rise & shine 5.13.10

the sun is just coming up. it’s pretty cold right now—37º. for may, that’s too chilly.

there are discussions about Painter 11 operating way too slowly. it’s true. using brushes larger than 40 is painful. it takes too long to redraw and by the time it makes it to the canvas I want to change the color, shape, bristles. what would I do without that delete key? I am working on this piece right now and I’m having trouble finishing it.


ahhh. saturday 5.8.10

it’s too early. but i needed coffee. it sure is cold here. the 83º temps were so nice the other day. today will be cold and very windy. we’re going to have to think about moving south or west and follow the sun.

pied piper. 5.3.10

I keep moving. But this time I’ll stay. I promise. Well, maybe.

This is my original home and I switched to the other blog site, but I’m back. I like it here better. The foyer is different. But the furniture is the same and the occupant is the same.

Latest work: this is a photo I took at the river on the dock of the Coast Guard Aux building. This bridge is the Hojack Swing Bridge. Been there forever I think. It’s not in use, but it’s a landmark I’d guess. The original photo was a color photo that I brought into Photoshop and altered it by giving it a cool black and white illustration effect. It makes it look as cold as it was that day.